You guys don’t know a lot about me do you? Well I will tell you about myself:

Where it all began:

I like to call myself Candyhina243. It’s probably the best username I could think of… The reason why it’s candy is because at school everyone looks as me as though I’m candy floss or a unicorn and they say every time ‘so cute!’ That is what makes me happy most of the time. Candy is my symbol as I love candy. I started a blog because my mum had a blog too and I really wanted to post my life too! I found this website and I thought it was the easiest place to express my fillings to nothing but a blank page.

My Blogs:

i mostly blog about game related stuff as I’m more of a gamer than a sporty kind of girl. I spend twenty hours on my iPad or computer just playing minecraft with friends. Sometimes I blog about other stuff for example movies or just daily life. I’m hoping to have lots of people reading my blog as I want them to know they are not alone in the world. At the end of nearly all ng blogs I put ‘remember whoever you are you are special in some sort of way ❤ stay sweet!’ The reason for this is some people in this world are depressed by the way they look or the way they talk. What i think of that is that it’s not true. Everyone has imperfections no one is perfect but everyone has something deep inside them that makes them themselves.


Other stuff:

If you have Instagram that is great! Make sure to follow me if possible!!! @candyhina243 and I hope I will be able to post more blogs weekly!!! I may be off schedule sometimes but never fear I will keep uploading blogs.


remember whoever you are you are special in some sort of way ❤ stay sweet!


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