Stampylonghead and Iballisticsquid

Hi, CandyHina243 is back! Today I wanna talk about these youtubers.

This is stampylonghead  and iballisticsquid. They are both minecraft gamers and they upload a video every day! Isn’t that fantastic?! They put a lot of effort in their videos like I do with my blogs.

I request you watch these youtubers as they are one of my favorites. They are two different youtubers but they do let’s plays together and have lots of fun. I am now going to talk about each of these youtubers separately.

Stampylong head:

He is a cat and he loves cake… That’s all i can say because if I listed all the things he does to make me laugh it’s gonna take ages. LOL!


He is a slippery squid and even if he does minecraft videos he has more time to fit in his skyrim lets plays aswell. Sometimes I think if he has a doppelgänger because he always uploads loads of videos in one day.

Anyway I hope you guys  watch stampy and squids channel on youtube.

Remember who ever you are you always have something special.


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