Computer alert!!! Baii computer

Ok. It’s a little late to write about this because it was last week but nvm.

so it was a Wednesday and we wanted to delete all the bad downloads in our computer…

somehow everything went wrong!!! We had to go to the cirrus PC world to fix it… Now… U obviously know that I’m a gamer so I spend most of my time on the computer fidgeting with technical stuff. I can’t survive without the computer!!!! It’s coming back on this Wednesday but I don’t think I can cope anymore… If you are reading this I’m probably dead. Caused by the pain in my heart. The pain of loss and depression. OF MY COMPUTER!!!! ;(

I love you all and I will miss you so very much. The last time I will ever say goodbye again.

remember whoever you are you are special in some way! Stay sweet! ❤


P.s. Plz do not worry I’m not actually dead. >_< I’m just joking around with ya. I just miss my computer so much.


Stampylonghead and Iballisticsquid

Hi, CandyHina243 is back! Today I wanna talk about these youtubers.

This is stampylonghead  and iballisticsquid. They are both minecraft gamers and they upload a video every day! Isn’t that fantastic?! They put a lot of effort in their videos like I do with my blogs.

I request you watch these youtubers as they are one of my favorites. They are two different youtubers but they do let’s plays together and have lots of fun. I am now going to talk about each of these youtubers separately.

Stampylong head:

He is a cat and he loves cake… That’s all i can say because if I listed all the things he does to make me laugh it’s gonna take ages. LOL!


He is a slippery squid and even if he does minecraft videos he has more time to fit in his skyrim lets plays aswell. Sometimes I think if he has a doppelgänger because he always uploads loads of videos in one day.

Anyway I hope you guys  watch stampy and squids channel on youtube.

Remember who ever you are you always have something special.



Ok. There’s this game called Minecraft. Lots of parents hate their child playing this. Yes, playing games too much can ache your back and all sorts but there is a good quality in this game for your child. It’s great for architecture and creativity. Minecraft is what everyone is buzzing about. It is never game over for minecraft. It’s too powerful to be stopped.

Recently I had bought a minecraft account for the computer. Before that I had minecraft on the iPad but I felt if I wanted to expand my creativity I would buy minecraft PC since it is more up to date. Ok. It cost me a lot and by that I mean £17.95 so that’s baisically means £20. Oh I’m from England so I only know pounds and pennies by the way. If you are American it is 30 dollars. Not exact but hey! What the heck I say.

Anyway, lots of my friends have minecraft and they all enjoy it. Of course we still do our homework. With minecraft I was able to expand my creativity 2x. I think we all have to thank the minecraft inventor Notch. He created minecraft with help from his company, Mojang, they also created other games for example Roblox. But nothing beats minecraft.



Ain’t no party like a pewdiepie party!

This is pewdiepie  he’s a youtube sensation! How you ask?

well he plays awkward games and he shouts a lot… No but seriously he shouts… but somehow everyone likes him probably because he is funny or because he swears a lot more than other youtubers. he’s actually the most subscribed youtuber on youtube. He over took two guys called smosh.Anyway pewdiepie now has over  22,000,000 I know right?! i cant even say the number! Lol. Every second a new subscriber. Every day someone gets a new youtube account just to subscribe to him! everyone wishes to be him. Well I do!


Hi, I’m gonna talk about stampylonghead. Oh you don’t know who this is? Well he’s a youtuber. He plays games and comments on them. Oh you think that’s boring… WELL IT ISNT the way he makes videos is almost like a drama. Stampy at first was a noob at minecraft but then after a few videos he began to progress and was a internet sensation!!! His arch enemy, HitTheTarget, was trying to create a dog army but stampy always stops him from doing an action of evil. He loves cakes and always wear his iron boots. He calls this stampy style as this is his original way of looking.