Even though

Hey guys! I’m here! It feels so weird doing my blog again… I thought I left it for good XD you may be wondering where I was all this time… Well, I’m now a tween which means I have more business and clubs to do and I’m twice as busy. It’s half term now and I have a lot of time on my hands that’s why I’m blogging now. I know I’m not talking to anyone. No one actually reads my blogs and what’s the point of carrying on? Well, there are many reasons. Even if I didn’t have the most popular famous life, maybe I don’t have many friends as anyone else but that doesn’t mean to me that I have to give up. One day this blog will be known to at least some people. I will have people who read this but now I need to take it step by step. This must be the worst blog post I’ve done so far and maybe the dumbest but if you just hear me out. Just take one moment to like or at least inform me that you’ve read my blog then it would make my day. A few minutes taken into this would make my day 😀 I’d smile for the rest of my life.


I’m sorry

I’m so sorry for inactivity lately. I’ve been busy with tests and studying and instagram😋 but from now on I hope that I will be able to post more after today. Clubs and extra curriculum is taking over my life XD

Follow me on Instagram!! I will be totally grateful if u did!!!

Follow me on Instagram!! I will be totally grateful if u did!!!

Hi it’s candyhina243!!! All I wanted to say is if you do have Instagram be sure to follow me!!! I would totally appreciate it!!! My aim is 40 followers and I will give a special shoutout to the 40th follower!!! @candyhina243 like my posts as you all support me on my blog by just viewing!!! Thnx love you lots!

Remember whoever you are you are somehow special!! ❤ stay sweet!